Dick Smith Walk With Me 2014

While it is only a short walk for some, it’s a real challenge for others. Walk With Me redefines the traditional notion of an event challenge. It’s not about running faster, swimming further or cycling longer differences. It’s a 2km or 4km walk challenging us all to take the time to walk along side people of all abilities.

Walk With Me is an opportunity to support and celebrate the diversity within our community in an inclusive and festive environment.

Walk With Me is an acknowledgement that 1 in 5 Australians are challenged by a disability, and recognises the inspirational attitudes and achievements of 25% of our population.

Walk With Me is made possible by a partnership between Ability First Australia, the major sponsor Dick Smith and our 12 Charity Partners

There will be 20 Dick Smith Walk With Me events across Australia in August and September. All funds raised will be distributed to provide vital disability services to children, adults and their families to our charity partners in each state.

So take the challenge, choose an event in your area and Walk With Me!

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